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Put Global Books to Work For You, Global Books generates revenue, wholesalers, and distributors by selling surplus materials on channels.

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        Just ship us your surplus stock and we’ll do all the selling.
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        Global Books pays for shipping.
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        Material is sold on over 9 marketplaces.
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        Select a non-profit literacy partner to benefit from each sale.

We promise and assure our dear customers, that all your book purchases are covered by our peace of mind buyback terms, the books purchased from our site will be brought back at a set percentage against credit to your next order while we recycle for you and save the world.


By selling any book or other materials to Global books or its affiliates, Global books may determine in its sole discretion, as appropriate, the "Purchaser" you are agreeing to these Supplemental Buyback Terms and Conditions ("Supplemental Buyback Terms") which are in addition to the Global books Terms of Use.

Books must be in acceptable condition, Books with marks highlight or names written edges cropped, ripped or missing pages will void the buyback guarantee. The minimum order and shipments apply as usual to your complete order involving buyback vouchers.

ACCURATE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. Global books require all book suppliers to provide and maintain true and accurate identifying information including full legal names and correct company names (if applicable), correct physical addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. The use of aliases or P.O. boxes is unacceptable. Suppliers agree to update their identifying information regularly and to respond to any requests by Global books to verify their identifying information.

ONE ACCOUNT. You may only sell books or other materials to the Purchaser using one account and one email address. Registering multiple accounts or using multiple email addresses, or any other attempt to circumvent Buyback program policies, may result in immediate termination of all accounts, a permanent supplier ban, and investigation of selling practices for evidence of counterfeiting.

NEW BOOKS. If you are selling a new book, regardless of whether you designate the book as new, you will be required to provide Global books with information about where you obtained the book including the name and physical address of your source for the book.

NO REBOUND BOOKS. Global books do not accept any books or other materials that have been re-bound regardless of the condition. Do not attempt to sell re-bound books through this program.

INVESTIGATIONS AND SHARING OF INFORMATION. In the event of an audit or investigation involving a book you have sold through this program, we will share information about you with the book publishers, their lawyers, and relevant authorities, including your identifying information, account information, bookselling history, and payment history. We can suspend your account and delay payments to you while we investigate.

SURRENDERING BOOKS AND PAYMENTS. If it is determined that any book you sold is suspected or confirmed to be counterfeit, you hereby surrender it. We will destroy the book or transfer it to the publisher and will not pay you for the book or return it to you. If we have already paid you for a known or suspected counterfeit book and there is a credit balance on your account, you agree that we can deduct the payment for the counterfeit book from the credit on your account.

TITLE TO YOUR BOOK. When you sell your books through this program, the title to those books remains with you until they are received at our warehouse.


Sell Books FAQs.

How long will it take to receive payment or a voucher once I trade in my item?

Depending on your location, trade-in items may take up to 7 business days to arrive before they are processed. The packages you sent can be tracked anytime.

Once your item is received and appraised, you'll receive an e-mail notification within 2 business days informing you whether your items were accepted or rejected.  Once your trade-in value has been paid, 

What condition do my items need to be in?

In general, all items you wish to trade in must match the exact version displayed by its ISBN.

Is there any shipping or other fees?

When submitting a trade-in, customers will get a free collection shipping label for sending in all items. There are no fees. If a trade-in item is not accepted and is returned, there is Rs75 per KG cost for return shipping.

I want to trade-in books that are not purchased from but are legit and original books. 

We do accept books purchased from any trademark as long as it meets our terms you can choose to add an image of the stock for us to verify and approve pickup shipping for your peace of mind. Global books does not accept any books or other materials that have been re-bound regardless of the condition. Do not attempt to sell re-bound, illegal copies of books through this program

What if my Trade-in is refused what choices do I have to avoid Return Shipping Charges?

In the rare case of refusal, we offer return shipment at a cost, and or you can Donate to Recycle the books.

What do I do if I lost my shipping label?

You can print a shipping label at any time.

Can I trade in an item that isn`t listed in the Trade-in Category?

If your item is not listed in the Trade-In Store, then we currently do not have an offer for it. However, the Trade-In program is constantly updated.

How long do I have to ship my items?

Please make sure your trade-in is postmarked within 7 calendar days of submission and the item meets or exceeds the product eligibility criteria in order to receive the trade-in value.

Who do I contact with questions about a Trade-in?

If you need help submitting the items you want to trade-in, you can contact us via phone, chat, or e-mail by clicking the Contact Us button on any Help page.

the Team at Global books reserves the right to suspend or terminate all accounts, not in compliance with Terms.

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Before sending us your books, it is important that you make sure they fit our acceptance criteria and condition guidelines. Please carefully read the description of the item on Global books or a publisher's website when entering the ISBN, including the following criteria: type of cover, presence of supplementary materials such as CDs/DVDs, access codes, multiple volumes.

1) Things you need to pay attention to:

  • Loose-leaf editions

Loose-leaf / a la Carte editions frequently have ISBNs of hardcovers or paperbacks in them, and it often confuses students who are willing to sell them. Correct ISBN of a loose-leaf may be located on the copyright page or on the back cover. Some loose-leaf editions are custom made and do not have a separate ISBN and therefore, cannot be accepted for buyback as they cannot be given a quote.

  • Multiple volume sets

If your book has only one ISBN and it corresponds to a set with many volumes, then you need to send us the whole set. We cannot accept only one book from the whole set for buyback if it does not have a separate ISBN and therefore, cannot be quoted.

  • Stickers and tape

All tape and stickers including ones containing ISBNs must be removed from the book before quoting and sending it. Stickers may state incorrect information about the book: i.e. conceal the original ISBN or markings indicating that the item is an exam copy or an instructor's edition which are not accepted for the buyback.

2) Items we do not accept for buyback:

  • Instructor's, teacher, or professional editions
  • Rebound books
  • Complimentary/Free copies, Sample editions, and/or Exam copies
  • International editions (may only be accepted at a fraction of a price of a US edition)

  • Custom editions for a specific college or area

  • Exam, promotional or complimentary copies; marked 'not for resale', 'not for sale', or 'preliminary edition', 'uncorrected proof'

  • Used, opened, visible, or scratched access codes (including sets that do not contain an unused access code)

  • Items without any ISBN

  • For workbooks or study guides: any markings or filled in answers

  • For other books: excessive highlighting or markings on more than 2-3 pages

  • Any water damage. This includes wrinkled and curled pages, stains, yellowing, mold, color change.

  • Ripped, missing, or falling out pages or cover

  • Heavy wear including but not limited to: damaged or detached binding, torn pages or cover, a general unacceptable condition

  • If you have any doubts concerning the condition or ISBNs of your textbooks, please feel free to contact us or send pictures of your book before shipping.

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