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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Global books

Who we are…

 Established by a group of dedicated book lovers.

The global book's mission is to create highly knowledgeable, intellectual, and well-read Pakistani communities throughout the nation by developing a clearer understanding of customer needs and by providing customers with a combination of knowledge-propagating media.

Our aims are Creating the biggest online store, providing a professional service that allows readers, writers, and sellers to go through the books and to buy or sell easily from our online store.

Our Values

Global books provide a variety of book categories and unique packages that appeal to different customers’ preferences, we manage to serve different tastes of readers and to give them personalized service.

One of our main targets is encouraging more and more people to read. Global books aim at encouraging people to build an eternal friendship with books. Our team has categorized a number of books for beginners who are not quite familiar with certain topics. The process of categorization is based on addressing our clients’ various tastes and needs in different fields. In addition, the recommended books are engaging and easy to read.

We also keep up with the latest technological devices. our exclusive Knowledge Tracking software makes the process of searching for books more of a unique experience than just a mere search. Even if you do not know which book or subject you should search for, our system is designed to help you choose what would be personally interesting to read. This is accomplished through some given questions that will enable you to know your reading preferences and will leave you with book suggestions to consider.

We also keep up with the quick development of the info circulation and the easy accessibility of the product. Global books aim to create a huge online store and provide to the customers wherever they are the opportunity to shop from our online store and get their products, we are committed to delivering the product from Global books to your doorstep.

Our Aims

In addition, we have many solutions that facilitate the process of searching online; you can always get help from our cooperative and knowledgeable staff, who are always ready to answer all your questions and inquiries throw our website and or all other means of contact available.

Global books do not adopt price or prize competition methods to compete in the book market. Instead, Global books rely on its unique customer service experience. We believe that the loyalty and trust between us and our clients, along with enriching the lives of readers, are the biggest profit we aim at.

Global books are the largest seller of Originally used books in Pakistan. Based in Karachi the company has grown exponentially since being founded. The used books are primarily sourced from charities, Amazon, eBay or wholesales around Britain, Australia, Malaysia, etc, and do jointly serve the school, College, university demands, and supplies sold across Global books.   

We are proud Sellers of Original books printed by actual Publishers who own the titles shipments come directly from our operations in England, USA, Canada, and Australia.

we do stock the rarest and Huge collection of books. If your desired books are not found in our local database and stocks, we can arrange them from our sources in the country and thru other sources worldwide all our customers can  Request a book thru our dedicated service for availability and quotation. 

We serve to help local writers who wish to add some grunt to the marketing and sales of their books. In the vast majority of cases, self-published authors sell mostly to family and friends but want to do better.

Using our extensive sales and marketing experience, we help writers make greater sales and earn more from their valued writing. Note we do NOT ask for upfront fees. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our arrangements and how they advantage writers.

To learn more about how to offer your book on this platform, go to Let's Talk or Contact Us Directly.

We also provide drop Shipping, books which are hard to find nationally can be arranged from eBay, Amazon, and other high-end markets online abroad after trying our local sources and deliver them to your door with minimum Postage Charges Possible, we share the cost on the whole package delivered to us on every 10 days loop please contact customer services for more details. 

World of Rare Books  

If you’re looking for great value second-hand books, then Global books are the place for you.

As you may already know, we aren’t like other online bookstores. For starters, we don’t believe that books should only be read once, or have a single owner. Literature should endure and be continually recycled, which is why we help millions of used books find new homes every year and buy them back for Readers who may find it hard to get hands-on with the same titles. 

Cheap Books, Fantastic Choice Brilliant collection best online services with Buyback Guarantee

Browse through hundreds of thousands of titles today. Whether you’re a fan of crime fiction or celebrity autobiographies, classic literature, or modern best sellers, we have it all. Better still, our books are available at the cheapest prices and come with free delivery Nation Wide.

So booklovers, academics, and casual readers rejoice! There’s something for everyone at Global books, and it won’t cost the earth.

World of Rare Books specializes in pre-ISBN and rare titles. From first editions to Penguin Classics, thousands of books are sold to customers throughout Pakistan each year. Each book is reviewed, valued, and then made available to online buyers through a variety of platforms. 

All of our books are checked for quality before they go on sale and we like to think that our prices mean that no book is beyond your budget. we compare our discounted prices based on  prices from Publishers eBay, Amazon Etc

We want your experience with World of Global books to be enjoyable and problem-free

Publishers and Distributors

We want to offer as many books as possible and we are very keen to talk to publishers and distributors about supply arrangements. contact us 

Library and Libraries Book Purchase

Global books import wholesale Library is developed for schools, colleges, and local libraries. Keeping fully up to date reading, rejecting, and selecting the best books for your school and classroom library is a full-time job. With us for Library services we like to think we can take the strain out of book buying, by selecting award-winning and exciting books to engage.

it’s never been more important to ensure that the children you teach have access to a wide range of quality books.

A library purchasing department aims to examine the library's budget and buy books and media that the library needs on a regular basis. If your library would like to purchase new books but doesn't have the budget to do it, we may be able to help.

Most of our customers, including educational establishments, order directly from our website and pay cash on delivery, bank transfer to our official accounts which is quick, secure, and convenient. 

We recognize that some library prefers to place a Purchase Order and we are happy to accept this We can also import required titles not available with us or locally thru our sources from England, USA, and Australia.

Call us today to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and discover why so many teachers and library staff choose our tailor-made services. Please contact us by calling us on 021-34999122 to find out more.

Shipping and Returns

The shipping fee varies according to where you want to ship your order. When you proceed with your online order and before you confirm, you will be given an invoice with shipment fees and totals

Deliveries can take up to 3 working days customers are informed prior to their deliveries commence.

Customer service

Global books Team is here to help you! For any inquiries or complaints, you can reach us at Contact

Payment methods

We have a number of payment methods
1. Cash on Delivery
2. Online payment, a throwback to our official Bank Account Mentioned at Check Outs with Reference your Invoice Number
3. Pay thru Easy Paisa To an Official Phone number Provided at the Checkout and send us a CODE along with the Order Number in the message