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The Visual History of the Modern World (hardcover)

The Visual History of the Modern World
SKU: gf245
ISBN: 9781741114850
Book Cover: Hardback
Publisher: SevenOaks
Book Condition: New
Book Page Count: 624
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The modern era, since the start of the twentieth century, is unique in human history, for having been chronicled not just in words, as in previous generations, but also in visual detail, captured in photographs. The greatest images of this era are combined in "The Visual History of the Modern World" with authoritative text to document our times with immediacy and clarity. Every major event that has had a place in moulding our lives is chronicled - the death of a great queen, Victoria, at the beginning of the twentieth century and the tragic demise of a beloved, princess, Diana at its end; the civil unrest in the Balkans that led to the Great War and had grave, far-reaching consequences for Yugoslavia; the destruction in the 1900s of the old Imperial order that gave bloody birth to revolutions and civil wars and spawned the reigns of brutal dictators in Germany, Spain, Italy and Russia; the birth of the twenty-first century, with new millennium celebrations around the globe, the attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the catastrophic tsunami disaster in south Asia at the end of 2004; and, the invasion of Iraq and the execution of Saddam Hussein. It also chronicles the technological, scientific and medical advances that have transformed every aspect of our lives; and the people - politicians, scientists, movie stars, icons, writers - who have shaped the way we think, feel and live.
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Additional Info
Book ConditionNew
Book CoverHardback
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