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The Quran and the Universe

Astronomy in the light of Quran and modern science
ISBN: 9789699225192
Book Cover: Hardback
Book Condition: New
Book Page Count: 430

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The book is of its own kind contributing information on the Universe and Doomsday in the light of Holy Quran. Eighteen discoveries have been made by the author in the light of various Quranic verses and on the basis of modern astronomy. It is a unique book which interprets the Quranic verses mathematically relating to the astronomy. New formulas have been evolved to prove the astronomical observations of the scientists mathematically.The book also contains astronomical calculations of required orbital velocity for the sun, moon, earth and planets at various altitudes to prove that the universe has been created by Almighty Allah with a design and computation and it has not come into being accidently without planning but a balance (mizan) has been maintained in its creation. Inspite of many billions of miles of distance between the planets, the ratio of gravity to intermediate distance of various planets works out the same. Quran mentions that the planets (Heavens) have been uplifted with balance (mizan) and this fact has been proved mathematically with the help of modified astronomical charts and diagrams.LIST OF DISCOVERIES: 1. Discovery of 10th and last planet “Al-Hasan” of our solar system along with its physical elements. 2. Proof of Uranus as central planet of solar system. 3. Proof of Saturn and Neptune as auxiliary planets of Uranus. 4. Relationship of gravity balance between planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. 5. Relationship of gravity balance between Jupiter, Mars and Earth. 6. Discovery of Pluto being balanced by Mars. 7. Discovery of constant ratio of gravity balance between Earth and Venus. 8. Discovery of constant ratio of gravity balance between Mars and Mercury. 9. Relationship of size of Earth with other planets. 10. Relationship of size of planets with their intermediate distances. 11. Modified Astronomical chart showing maintenance of gravity balance between planets. 12. Discovery of Arsh (Throne of Almighty Allah) around which the Universe revolves. 13. Discovery of distance of Arsh from the Earth. 14. Discovery of diameter and gravity of Arsh. 15. Discovery of diameter and gravity of planet Al-Jannat (paradise). 16. Location of Arsh in the Universe. 17. Modified location of Sun in the Universe and its orbit around the Arsh. 18. Gravity of center of our Galaxy.This book thus not only provides astronomical information but also make realizes the people the importance of good deeds and justice in the world so that they may be given eternal reward on the Judgment Day. This book is a source of guidance and provides important information about new theories relating to the Universe.
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Additional Info
Book ConditionNew
PublisherAhmad Publications
Book CoverHardback
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