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Spider-Man No More: The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection (Volume 3)

The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection (Volume 3)
SKU: RGB-GB-6-107
ISBN: 9781302910235
Book Cover: Softback
Publisher: Marvel Usa
Book Condition: New
Book Page Count: 392

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John Romita joins Stan Lee, elevating Spidey s adventures to new heights,beginning with a Green Goblin epic that establishes him as Spider-Man s mostdangerous enemy! Then, the Rhino, a bulldozer on two legs, threatens to makeSpidey an endangered species. The action keeps pumping with Spidey s firstmeeting with the Avengers, the Shocker, the return of the Lizard, Kraven theHunter, an all-new Vulture and the first appearance of the Kingpin! But the trueheart of the story is in young Peter Parker finding his way in the world. He finds new independence as he gets his own pad with Harry Osborn, courts Gwen Stacy and, in comics most unforgettable entrance, meets Miss Mary Jane Watson. COLLECTING: VOL. 3: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) 39-52, ANNUAL (1964) 3-4; MATERIAL FROM NOT BRAND ECHH (1967) 2
Additional Info
Additional Info
Book ConditionNew
PublisherMarvel Usa
Book CoverSoftback
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