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Lisa Regan

3D Dolphins and Whales Facts, stats, and awesome ocean creatures in fantastic eye-popping 3D! Take a 3D look at surviving tribes of the ocean: wild dolphins and Killer Whales. Little-known aspects of these creatures capable of sophisticated communication and social interaction. De[icts the life of t..
Rs 185.00
Whether it's a rainy day, a party day or you are on the move, this imaginative and engaging series will have games to suit every need. Start playing! This title presents: step-by-step instructions; ways to play alone or together; and, graded games with challenges to make them trickier...
Rs 470.00
Features full-colour photos of characters from movie with a fact file on the back of each. Each poster is perforated for easy pull-out...
Rs 295.00
Easy to carry, full of fun and challenging puzzles and games for your child to take with them on holiday. If your kids are bored or having a rainy day, this book is perfect to keep them occupied. An essential part of your holiday packing!..
Rs 295.00
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