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Karen Mccombie

All you ever wanted to know about Ally's World. A quirky and charming guide to the very loveable Love family and friends, full of brilliant illustrations and complete with free stickers Find out which Love Child you're most like, follow one of Rowan's famous(ly revolting) recipes and laugh at the fa..
Rs 250.00
Boys are weird things...and just lately, the boys in my life have been acting even MORE weird. Take Billy, for example. He's been behaving like a total muppet and what's worse is I've been having unexplained feelings for the big dweeb. Not only that, but Tor's been acting strange too - something to ..
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Ally's worried about the family finances. Her big sister Linn has found herself a Saturday job, but Ally's too young to work ...nless she's a wee bit economical with the truth and braves the mad wig lady in the cardshop down the road. And talking of mad, what's going on with Rowan? If everyone's so ..
Rs 350.00
Love is in the air! Billy and Sandie are getting a bit sick-makingly gooey, Grandma and Stanley are getting hitched, and Dad and Tor's new teacher are getting along just a little too well...As for me, Rowan and Linn, we're just getting scared-Grandma's told us our bridesmaid get-up has to be pastel-..
Rs 295.00
Dates, Double Dates and Big, Big Trouble Ally's feeling inadequate. Why is it that her only romantic experience amounts to a burping-in-mouth scenario with Keith Brownlow? Kyra's only been in Crough End two seconds and she's got a boyfriend already! Even Ally's dad seems to be 'dating'-which is not ..
Rs 140.00
Want to know a secret? There is something very, very strange living in the trees behind my house. If you tiptoe slowly and quietly (ssh!) to the bottom of my garden, you might hear it rustling and rootling and 'peh!'ing in the dark undergrowth, on the other side of the low stone wall. And if you pee..
Rs 145.00
There's always something going on in Ally's World! Ally's totally gobsmacked when she finds out that her best mate Sandie's moving away and even more shocked to find that her big sis is considering going to university miles away from home. She's only just got Mum back and now everyone else seems to ..
Rs 245.00
Upbeat, funny and quirky, this is the first in a series about ten-year-old Indie Kidd. Indie Kidd lives between her animal-crazy mum's and her dad's. When Indie's teacher asks the class to write a CV, Indie decides she has no specific "talents", and decides to search for one she can call her own. Wh..
Rs 375.00
There's always something going on in Ally's World| Ally's not normally superstitious, but something freaky's happening in Crouch End. Like the milk that turns green, wandering garden gnomes and things that go bump in the night... Are dark forces really at work?..
Rs 295.00
Stella's new life in Portbay is going well. The only hassle is Rachel and her gang, who still manage to make Stella feel like she doesn't belong...Then all this weird stuff happens to Rachel and her so-called mates start avoiding her. Should Stella come to her rescue, or is that possibly the worst i..
Rs 195.00
Ally's back, and this time she's on holiday! The Love household depart en masse for some summer fun - bringing merry mayhem in their wake...
Rs 295.00
Meet the Love children: oh-so-perfect Linn, airy-fairy Rowan, animal-obsessed Tor - and Ally, trying to have a normal life somewhere in the middle of it all. Which isn't easy when you live in a house that's a cross between an animal hospital and something out of 'Changing Rooms'. And then there's sc..
Rs 125.00
The Raspberry Rules Rowan Love is thirteen and full of good intentions \. so why does life keep going so wrong? Her teachers think she's dippy and disorganized, her best friend has new mates, and nobody appreciates her unique fashion sense. Maybe keeping a diary will help? Wander through Rowan's fun..
Rs 695.00
Ruby and Jackson get the surprise of their lives when they discover a Thing living at the bottom of their gardens. But Thing is cute, and funny, even if sometimes when he's upset he gets a bit ARRGHH! And that's when the trouble starts. Like the time he goes to a pool party, and Ruby and Jackson fin..
Rs 275.00
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