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Wisdom of the Sustainable Environmentalist: Dr. Rashid Alleem

Environmentalist, the enthusiastic writer, entrepreneur, critical thinker, expounded leader, Dr. Rashid Alleem is best known for his farsighted knowledge and command over environmentalist and sustainable business potentials in the high growing economic world of Arab. He is the founder of the Alleem Knowledge Center and currently the chairperson of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA).

Wisdom of the Sustainable Environmentalist: Dr. Rashid Alleem

My Green Journey in Hamriyah(2014)

Dr. Rashid Alleem takes us to the journey of the creation and development of the Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah, UAE. He has shared his personal experience and insight, practical formulas and sustainable practices in achieving success in the Arab. It defines the reasons why sustainability is significant and how it aids a state in the economic development. It truly reflects Dr.Alleem’s vision and mission in the development of the future state. It is an inspiration to growing businesses, leaders, CEOs, general readers and practitioners for implementing the sustainable practices for the green state. It invokes them to take a step towards the creation of an advanced environmentalist state. His care for the environment reflects through his words as he pace towards economic development and growth. My Green Journey in Hamriyahis an excellent read for those who are curious to know the key principles in establishing a green state while securing the environment.


Sustainability the Fourth wave of Economy (2014)

Dr. Rashid Alleem adequately highlights the global issues and challenges that emerge as the economy grows. He has raised important critical questions regarding economic and social challenges that must be faced in developing a sustainable state. He has in-depth analyzed the current situation of the economy and its needs and put forward his wisdom and vision to suggest possible solutions to overcome these challenges. He provides a good view of issues of the present age that must be resolved for better future. He convinces readers the significance of knowledge and awareness regarding the social, economic and environmental concerns in everyday life, and shows the ways it affects our future. Using illustrations and examples, he proves how individuals and organizations through collaboration and coordination can achieve a sustainable society.


I Am Committed

‘I Am Committed: 17 Global Goals’, ‘Is Success a Sin?’, ‘Successful Marketing Plan’, ‘I Am Committed’, ‘The 13 Critical Traits of Team Dynamics’ and ‘My Leadership Secrets’ are some other influential books of Dr.RasidAlleem. Get yourself a copy of these books at GlobalBooks by clicking here.


IS Success A Sin?



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