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Into the Blue (PDF) (Print)

Author: Robin Huber

Into the Blue (PDF) (Print)
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Into the Blue (PDF) (Print)
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  • ISBN: 9798666514788
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  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Pages: 472
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Even in paradise, danger lurks…

When Makayla Evans discovers that her employer — a pharmaceutical trailblazer — is dabbling in Dark Pharma, she barely has time to process the information before her conventional life is ripped away. In one breath she's standing in her New York office; in the next, she's waking up in the middle of a Central American desert. With no way to escape or call for help, she realizes a terrifying truth. She has vanished… without a trace.

For former Marine Kellan James, working private security on Costa Rica's La Isla Azul — The Blue Island — is a dream job. But his peace is disrupted when an old friend calls with a nearly impossible task: track down a woman kidnapped by a dangerous drug cartel. When Kellan finally finds Makayla, she's in bad shape, but she's alive. Now he just has to keep her that way…

Finding refuge on a remote island with a kind, handsome Marine is not how Makayla expected her nightmare to end. As the days turn to months, Makayla and Kellan develop an unbreakable bond, falling in love with the island, and with each other. But they can't hide forever. Because even in paradise, danger lurks…

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