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Bargain online! (1st time in Pakistan)

Bargain online like never before (1st time in Pakistan)

Do you find the price of your loved book too high at our e-store? Is it too expensive for a used book? Does it remind you of local book bazaars where you can bargain to fit your pocket? Then you can bargain just the same in our online bookstore. Global Books has launched an amazing feature on the online store where you can put your bargain price if you feel that the mentioned price is not suitable for the book you want. We try our extent to make every possible measure to meet your ‘book budget’ because a bookworm is never satisfied with just a few books.

Why is there a need to bargain?

When you find the book you wanted for so long, after hours of browsing, with the perfect illustrated cover and just the right edition but soon after realizing that it is too costly for its condition. Then what would you do? Would you simply drop the idea of purchasing that book or spend all your savings to get your hands on it? If you are confused then do not burden your mind with this dilemma and instead take a step to request a little-reduced price than the proposed one. As simple as that!

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to bargain for your book:

  • Click on the book that you are willing to buy from the list of items. A new page will open up
  • Under the mentioned price, there would be a bar  where you can enter your bargain price
  • When your price request gets approved, it displays ‘Your price has been accepted’
  • When your price request gets rejected, it displays ‘The price requested has been rejected due to lower price’
  • When your last price request also get rejected, it displays ‘You exceeded maximum attempts’

We offer our customers three chances to request a reduced price for the book they want. If you are lucky, your requested price may get accept on the first try and you will get your favorite book at a reduced price. Otherwise, it still leaves you with two more chances to request another suitable price. additionally, it might take a duration of 24 hours for the new proposed price to accept or reject. If the price is accepted, it will be offered to all the customers on our website and the previous higher price will be removed. We make sure that all our bidders receive an update through email for the price update.

Why choose Global Books over local book bazaars?

You get to browse through our large inventory of books in all genre, from fiction to non-fiction, history, thriller, horror, drama, science fiction, action and adventure, love and romance, literary classics, religion, self-help, health, children, guide, autobiographies, biographies, cookbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and travel, which you will never find in local bazaars. Most of all, we offer books of the highest quality and in the truly affordable price range. We enable our customers to shop for new and slightly used books at bargained prices from their homes. They never have to tolerate the hustle-bustle of crowded open book bazaars. You can bargain our books using our online bookstore, just as you bargain in any other bazaar. We ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers in both the quality and cost of books. Our aim is to meet the budget of readers of all ages. In addition, we offer customers with Buyback at 40% and exchange facility on our online bookstore.

Never settle down on the mentioned price but request a price that suits you. Visit Global Books e-store right away and set your own prices!

Have you tried our price bargain feature yet? If so then what do you think? Is it fun to ask for a little discount on online shopping? Comment below to let us know your thought.