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Buy Back Guaranteed

We Promise and assure our dear customers, that all your book purchases are covered by our peace of mind buy back terms, the books purchased from our site will be bought back against credit to your next order while we recycle for you and save the world .

Any books purchased from our web sites will be bought back at 50% of actual price of the item at time it was purchase.

The books must be returned in same or acceptable condition as received, Books with marks highlight or names written edges cropped, ripped or missing pages will void the buyback guarantee

The offer of purchasing back is applied on product returning to us within 30 days of the day you have ordered.

All buy backs are credited to your account you can choose to sell the ones purchased from your account history and add them to your basket as a returning products.

A credit note will be issued against the product if no further purchase is needed at the time and returning product meet minimum order requirements then you will be charged a normal shipping charge and the product will be collected,

The minimum order and shipments apply as usual to your complete order involving buy back.

The items in buy back basket will be collected at the same time delivering your new order.

We also buy back books purchased from other store or online platforms but it has to be originally published products due to manipulated market with pirated products in Pakistan.

We do not buy pirated or photo copied books please make sure the returning products are from global books which are security marked by tag on the books or stamped on the pages.

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