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Here at Bookistan, we are home to over a million New ,Good and Pre Loved Books . We thoroughly check and grade each book as it comes into our warehouse. Below you will find a guide to the grading of our books so when you are browsing the site, you know exactly what book condition you are purchasing by seeing the additional Tab next to description of the books ,Our integrating software do try their best to get Required Data its contents and pictures in most cases but at some occasion product picture shown in display may vary from the actual title but this does not affect the content or the actual titled books . 

As New-New

- No or Minimal amount of creasing to the spine

- New Books by Publishers or imported from its Designated locations

- Square binding

- Minimal or no discoloration to pages

- Dust jacket present


- Slightly crooked spine or slightly torn dust jacket

- Mild creasing of cover

- Slightly loose bindings

- Mild browning

- Slight highlighting or note taking

Pre Loved -Acceptable

- Spine may be warped with cracking and scuffing

- Cover may be discolored and creasing

- Pages may be browned and warped

- Markings and note taking do not interfere with reading

- May be without end papers or title page will be mentioned

- May be some water damage in rare cases

- Cover slightly torn edges browning or sand scraped


Pocket Size 4.5"x7"

half letter 5.5"x8.5"

half letter hard back 5.5"x8.5"

Novel Leather back

novel hard back

novel paper back

journal 7"x10"