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101 Nights of Grrreat Secs

Author: Laura Corn

101 Nights of Grrreat Secs
101 Nights of Grrreat Secs
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  • ISBN: 9780752857206
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  • Publisher: Orion
  • Pages: 432
  • Book Binding: Papar Back Journal Size
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This is the book that got more than a million couples back in the bedroom, with rekindled passion, hot romance, and a whole bunch of new techniques. This is also the book that introduced the world to the secret sealed seduction. It's simple: * Inside the book, there are 101 sealed envelopes - 50 Sealed Secret Seductions For His Eyes Only and 50 For Hers * Once a week, you and your lover each pick a page and tear it out of the book * Read Laura's recipe for seduction in private - no peeking at your partner's! * Spring your sexy surprise on your sweetheart, then finally... and best of all... * Wait for your partner to seduce you! * Seduction number 101? That's for both of you! Save that ¿til last! This book guarantees 'great sex twice a week, every week, for one full year!' and all it takes is the commitment to play and GRRREAT SEX does the rest - from foolproof seduction tips to a list of ingredients (scarf, massage oil etc). And because it's all a secret, there¿s never been a more effective way to build anticipation and rekindle passion. What's more, you'll actually turn interesting, exhilarating, unpredictable sex into a habit, and not just a special event. This is the classic book that's sold over a million copies; America's bestselling sex book. What's all the buzz about? Find out when you buy 101 NIGHTS OF GRRREAT SEX!

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