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100 great pasta sauces

Author: Sally Griffiths

100 great pasta sauces
100 great pasta sauces
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  • ISBN: 9780297834694
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  • Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • Pages: 63
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Pasta is an adaptable food. It can be dressed up - such as a starter of Angel Hair pasta with oysters, Vermouth, saffron and double cream, or it can be dressed down. Over 100 traditional and many new ideas for pasta sauce recipes are included in this book. The emphasis is on style and easy cooking so that very few culinary skills are required. Each recipe is clearly explained and includes tips and alternative suggestions. Divided into two sections, the first describes the range of oils, pastes and varieties of fresh and dried pasta, and explains the dos and don'ts of cooking it, and then presents the recipes. These are divided into classic sauces, the one-minute sauce, and sauces using vegetables, cheese and cream, meat, fish, herbs, spices and simple dressings for summer sauces.

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